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  • 🌟 Master math effortlessly with the Abacus! 🧮 Our interactive app transforms learning into a fun and engaging experience. Discover why Abacus is the key to unlocking math mastery!

  • 🚀 Elevate your math skills with Abacus! 🌈 Dive into a world of numbers, where learning becomes an adventure. Explore why Abacus is the perfect tool for mastering addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division!

  • 🧠 Why Abacus? Experience the magic of visualizing math! 🧮 Our app teaches essential math skills using the ancient Abacus method, making learning both effective and enjoyable.

  • 🔢 Unleash the power of Abacus for math success! 🌟 Our app introduces kids to the art of mental calculation, helping them build a strong foundation in numbers. Discover the importance of Abacus in making math concepts crystal clear!


– Faster Calculation Skill & Better Problem Solving.
– Enhances Concentration & Develops Visualization.
– Improve Listening Ability & Self-Confidence.
– Promotes Logical Thinking & Boost Memory Power.
– Increases Accuracy, Creative Thinking & Cognitive Strength.
– Increases Response Capability and Endurance for Pressure.
– Improve Recall & Overcome Math Phobia.
– Specially this Abacus program is very effective for those who do not like studying math.


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  • Each page has 20 Abacus
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  • Unlimited Practice of Abacus
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  • Abacus Hint + Hint Sound
  • Do Practice with your Physical Abacus Tools
  • Unlimited Practice with Exercise, Exam and Custom Challenge Mode.
  • Report Card of Exercise, Exam and Custom Challenge Mode.
  • Multiple Abacus Themes.
  • Random Number in Abacus Free Mode
  • Reset Page Progress and Start again

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